Test Automation Engineer | Washington, D.C. area

The Test Automation Engineer provides leadership around test automation, BDD and TDD. As such, the candidate must have a solid understanding or experience with Behavior-Driven or Test-Driven Development. Knowledge of cloud based testing is essential. Ideal candidate will have proven expertise in Java and JavaScript – and the ability to write code from scratch. Prior experience with Selenium Webdriver and/or Cucumber is essential. Candidate must also have proven knowledge of security based testing for website/eCommerce. 5+ years of experience in Quality Assurance.

DevOps Engineer | Washington, D.C. area

The DevOps Engineer must have a passion for cloud computing, open source technologies, and providing leadership in best-of-breed software environments. The ideal candidate will demonstrate deep skill in implementing infrastructure as code for various cloud platforms. Other important skills include:

  • Implementing monitoring and logging solutions for different technology stacks or container orchestration platforms

  • Implement Continuous Delivery solutions and helping customers automate various stages of their deployments and testing processes

  • Software Configuration Management (SCM) using tools like Ansible, Terraform

  • Deep understanding of containers and how they fit into professional development cycles as build artifacts

  • Have general cloud ops knowledge with at least one provider, private or public, such as attached volume lifecycle, auto scaling, cloud-config, security, instance lifecycle, etc

  • Aid customers in addressing challenges due to lack of modern DevOps practices, help to recommend DevOps solutions in line with the customer’s goals

  • Work with core source control technologies, including their connection to processes/pipelines

Engagement Manager | New York area

The Engagement Manager provides the bridge between Business goals and Technology goals with client engagements. Successful candidates will have experience successfully managing relationships, solving client problems, maintaining engagement direction and leadership, troubleshooting challenges and ensuring that business goals are met in a timely fashion. Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing sound client service and support plans based on desired business and technology goals of the client

  • Establishing strong client engagement launches through attention to detail, constant communication and overall leadership

  • Management and oversight of on-going client relationships to ensure that client teams and Scaled Markets teams are operating with focus.

  • Administrative oversight of engagements to ensure tracking and milestone progress is monitored appropriately

  • Developing long-term client service and support systems to improve Scaled Markets Service Operations outcomes. This includes retrospective management and follow-up.

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