Scaled Markets works with a wide range of firms...from large enterprises to startups. Clients seek our focused expertise in rapid development of flexible, scalable cloud-native applications.

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Caterpillar is an innovative manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. Scaled Markets provided support to Caterpillar development teams to optimize continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. The support included process, tooling, technologies and organization. This engagement also involved use of the SAFe enterprise agile framework.

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Vodafone is a leading IT services firm that offers telecommunications service in over half the world. We worked with Vodafone to shape their DevOps processes for their US operations. Guiding toward a continuous delivery and eventually a DevOps process and culture that allowed for pivots and superior security, quality and time to market.


With the migration to more flexible cloud-based environments, it has become practical to re-architect applications away from monolithic blocks of code to discrete, dedicated services that work together to deliver the customer experience. Such a service-based environment helps organizations deal easily with rapid change.