Software Services

Scaled Markets provides experienced hands-on practitioners in a range of areas that are key to producing great software. Making the digital transformation journey with experienced practitioners means that goals are reached sooner, morale stays high and knowledge transfer is maximized. Our aim with Transformation Leadership is to structure a consulting experience that leads to deep, intuitive understanding of what it really means to undertake a transformation. This includes new ways of thinking about value creation, team structure, and learning.

Interim Leadership

Interim Leadership provides a solution where firms are dealing with transition in the digital strategy and are lacking certain key technology leadership skills. Scaled Markets provides interim Chief Technology Officer support in such cases. While each situation is unique, our practitioners have hands-on experience helping to set technology strategy, recruiting and organizing technology teams, moving to continuous innovation practices and developing strategies to reduce technical debt.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile Coaching services provide support in cases where current Agile efforts are not meeting the goals or timelines that have been established. There may be many reasons for this but generally the underlying causes fall into issues of culture, team dynamics, existing corporate structure and processes. Our Agile coaches work with individuals, groups and teams to design approaches that are more cross-functional and focused, timely deliveries of value.

DevOPs Coaching

DevOps expands on the Agile ideas of working in cross-functional teams to deliver value. Continuous innovation, based on extensive automation of development, build, test and deploy practices, is just the beginning of a full-fledged DevOps transition. Our DevOps coaches are deeply experienced in helping firms to make the transition to this continuous innovation approach. This includes coaching at architectural and engineering levels to bridge the gap between development and operations, and also includes the team and individual coaching that may be required to drive real change.